Little wonder we stumble in life.


I was just thinking recently of the term “monkeying around”, specifically in relation to our resemblance to primates. Dad started watching an old movie recently, in fact, that directly made reference to that very thing: a movie from the 60s called Bikini Beach.

But this also reminds me of Japanese monkeys; when I was reading Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson, one of the Japanese people he hitched a ride from was a professor from Tokyo University, and spent all the time in the car telling Will all about Japanese monkeys.

He also said that Japanese monkeys, like Japanese people, are different than the rest of the world’s people because they have shorter tongues and longer intestines. This means that they have more trouble digesting certain foods and find it harder saying complicated sounds. I think of that often now when I think about Japanese people.

Finally, the reference to Nagano reminds me of a Japanese exam I had once in which I had to read a passage and answer the questions. It was about a ski lodge in Nagano and the not-impressive impression the Australians made on the Japanese people there. It was actually kind of funny. (And of course, there was an Australian in the blog above).

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

While the rest of the world celebrates the Year of the Dragon, the Clampitt clan has been in a parallel universe celebrating the Year of the Monkey. Primates, those in addition to the hairless version in my family, have participated in most of our family vacations throughout the past year. Orangutans, lemurs, (are they monkeys? I`m counting them) macaques of various renditions, and dozens of others I can`t name have blessed us with their howling presence. Having never observed a monkey outside a zoo, this led me to evaluate their presence whereby I concluded it`s my fault. I`ve been abusing monkeys for years- karmically speaking- and now the karmic monkeys are on my back.

It started innocently when as a child I swung from one monkey bar to the next.

In the 70`s I learned that people recovering from heroin addiction wore leather monkey fists around their necks.

My favorite…

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