Little wonder we stumble in life.

Take Responsibility


It’s easy to hide in a crowd
but it’s so unsatisfying.
It leads to a life of desperation and griping
because others are making your life choices,
and you are following.
Take control of your life.
Make your own decisions.
Take responsibility for them.
Proudly chart your own course.

I recently read this from a new book I have, ‘Now Is The Time, 170 ways to seize the moment’. It cut me deep, because it’s all so true.

I guess that makes me irresponsible. It definitely means I never “seize the moment,” I only ever live off that dream. I love the movie Dead Poet’s Society, and now I think it’s maybe because it allows me to live through the characters, and objectively judge them as they go through their journeys.

In truth, I think them reckless, I always have. But on another level, “…carpe diem. Seize the moment…” I can respect their awkward bravery, because I will never be that. Or so I often say.

I don’t want anyone’s pity about it. Yet at the same time, though I always hate to admit it, I want to be noticed. The reason I always hide in the crowd is because it takes the pressure off, and nobody ever notices me anyway. I’ve heard sayings about people being two thirds dead, and I often relate to them.

All this is described best in my self-described theme song, Human by Darren Criss.