Little wonder we stumble in life.


Friday Fictioneers – Lost Sun

I breathed heavily, loud to my ears, like a wild wind.

I’d never see another sunrise. I know nothing about living in the woods. No one was coming, they had cruelly left me behind, betrayed.

My throat and nose were chilled raw, torn with too much air. I’d shivered all night, hadn’t slept, the whole ordeal had exhausted me. I just wanted to be wrapped up warm in my bed.

Then something amazing; a dewdrop of warmth shone upon my arm. I looked up; my long lost sun. It was still cold, but my new sun eased me a bit.

Still painfully lost, I saw a speck up on the hill ahead of me, waving, distantly shouting, a wild thrill to my ears. More people arrived.

They had come back for me.

132 words… From Madison Woods‘ blog.