Little wonder we stumble in life.

365 Days, Week Two

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First Romance

Star amongst flashlights
He was the real thing
She feared all he wanted was
a fling.

distant star,
unlike his bright shining namesake
he captivated her mind.
her heart.

First romance, she captured his.
The real star,
bright, glowing, beautiful
yet down to earth.
She wasn’t floating above him.
She was rejected and torn.

The heart of a butterfly,
no flight.
She was the only one
he could see.


I feel the spring air like a gentle breeze through the cashew orchard, spreading the fresh smell of nature all around me. This is my favourite season.

I take my time, absorbing the texture of grass and the roots and the soil, loving the orchard like it was the tree of life itself.

What could be more pure than this?


“I’m so disillusioned.”

Her heart hurt. She looked at him disbelieving, trying to justify how she ever thought he was better. Everyone had called her mad, had judged a book by its cover, but so had she. Just not with him. What had made him ever different in her mind.

“You can’t be surprised,” he said.

“I shouldn’t be…”

So what had happened? He had taken her in for a spell. And he didn’t even notice, the bastard!

“So why are you?”

What could she say. “You’re right,” she said. “I was stupid. After all, you’re just like your brother –”

“I am not like Alex,” he growled. “But we both know I’m not innocent, either.”

“I don’t think you even know who you are,” said Brenda. “You wanted me to think you were different, hell you might even be trying to convince yourself. But you’re always so concerned about people thinking you’re off that you always hide from them.”

“And what part exactly has you disillusioned?” he snapped.

“You know exactly what part,” she said. “I thought you were…” Different.


She fell silent, trying to describe it. There were no words. Did she even know?

“Well?” he insisted.

“Forget it.”

“Do you even know?”

“I thought you had morals!” Wow. There it was.

“Morals?” he repeated. “Because everyone else isn’t good enough for you?”

“Oh, don’t give me that crap! You and I both complained about them, how none of them ever seemed to about anything but their own egos! How they all just pretended they liked their friends just so they could be popular, or how they picked fights with the unpopular kids to appear manly, or how they all went to degrading lengths to look pretty.”

“So now I’m egotistical?” he argued. “Just because I stood up for you?”

“Defended my honour,” she corrected. “As if I didn’t have any to begin with…”

“Hey! I fought that guy off for you!”

“I didn’t ask you to! I certainly didn’t ask you to put him in hospital!”

“So sue me.”

“That’s funny,” she said, “because that’s just what the parents of that kid might do!”

He looked at her blankely. “Shit.”

Guardian Angels

You could almost think she was like a guardian angel.

I mean, think about it. You live fifteen years of nothing but a crappy life, with only her there to keep you sane through all of it, and yet, when everything changes and suddenly she’d dead, cold as the depths her killers soul, there she is again. Brenda.

She stands by you, even if her reasoning in selfish. She’s the only one in your corner, when all others refuse you, and the two are so similar they might be twins (except that they were born three years apart).

What else is a guardian angel than that?

Different Ways of Thinking

Dawn had never been open to other ways of thinking. She was stuck firmly in her own head; they were all idiots anyway, no matter how gullibly Belinda tried to lower herself to their level.

She had never felt so low before. So selfish.

She hated Orion and Luke. She hated them so much right now. But even here alone, she knew it wasn’t really them that was wrong. It was her. How could she be? She felt like shit.

“You lost yourself,” a voice told her. She looked up.

The smiling pale blonde face looked back down at her. “No, I didn’t. I was wrong once –”

“I never said ‘you were always wrong’. I said you lost yourself.” Brenda crouched down to Dawn’s level. “This is an empty path, Dawn. You have to stop it.”

“I can’t,” she rasped. “I just can’t… If I do…”

“What?” said Brenda. “What will happen if you do?”

“They don’t treat anyone with respect, so why should I?” she demanded. “But they never knew what it was like to have no dignity, no respect, not even in their own minds. If I don’t show them… I’ll never be myself again. And it’ll haunt me. Forever. No matter how many hundreds of years that are ahead of me. I can’t change my mind. If I do, I’ll break. I’ll truly lose myself then.”


Her face was bloodied. This was his consequence of crossing his brother.


Golden brown skin, you might think this girl had seen the sun. How strange then that she was a vampire. Dirty blonde hair and an attitude to match, she seemed an odd person to thank.

But that’s exactly what Dawn did.

“I needed you,” said Dawn. “Where have you been all my life? Honestly… I could’ve used a sister like you in the hard times.”

And Brianna really was like a sister. With an attitude like hers, they could’ve been blood sisters. Strange to know that she was related more to Belinda, the faint hearted crier of her youth.

Brianna would’ve tortured her as a kid.

It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate Belinda. It was just that, if she had known Brianna all of her life, maybe it wouldn’t have turned out anything like this at all. Maybe she could’ve saved her life. Maybe her life wouldn’t have ever sucked like it did.

“Thank you for helping me take revenge on these guys.”

Ironic that, if she had been there, she would never have even killed anyone. She would have just soaked in the power and enjoyed life. Dawn really envied her. She wanted her strength.

365 Day Challenge

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