Little wonder we stumble in life.

Trifextra: Bleeding Blondie and the Bats


Blondie was no princess. All dressed up in boots, jeans and button up shirt, there was nothing clean about her. All she wanted was a little adventure, and she resented her nickname of ‘Blondie’. As if being a ‘dumb blonde’ was all there was to her.

They didn’t know her at all. And no matter how much she flaunted her difference, that never seemed to change.

The forest never asked anything of her. It didn’t pressure her with the cruelties of blind expectations. In fact, it didn’t even expect anything. The forest just survives, plain and simple.

So when she happened upon a cave through the brush, the darkness beckoned her. She loved the darkness. Other girls would be creeped out, but not Blondie. Crushing the dirt beneath her feet, she ventured slowly in, curious.

The first thing she noticed was three forks in the cave. Unusual. Which would she travel?

She tried the right one. She walked ahead through it a couple of steps. Suddenly, she was sweating, suffocating in the humidity. Quickly, she backed out. That passage was too hot.

She took the middle passage. She walked further down the passage, when all of a sudden, goosebumps prickled all over her bare arms. She stopped. Should she keep going? She stepped warily forward… before her teeth started chattering. This passage was too cold.

Backing out once again, she took the final passage, hoping desperately there was nothing wrong with it this time. She walked ahead comfortable, nothing happened. This passage was just right.

Soon the passage started to get dark, and she guided herself along the wall. But she was getting tired.

Quickly, she found a cave rock to sit on. She leapt up with new energy. That rock was too hard and spiky. She found another spot, but the ground cracked beneath her. She had thought that place was solid, but it was too delicate.

Finally, she found a cozy place along the wall. Just right.

She rested for quite a while, taking in the mysterious and intriguing sounds around her, happy in herself and quietly decreasing in injury. Finally, she got up and kept moving.

Disappointed when she found nothing in the cave, she moved toward the light at the other end of the cave. Maybe there would be something interesting out there…

She yawned. How long had she been walking? She had to lay down to rest first. She tried in an under-hanging, of cave stone, but the ground again was too hard. She scooted down a few inches, but she slid on wet rock and was only stopped by more cracked rock.

Getting up, she moved across to the other side of the cave to some ground that was just right. Quickly, she settled down and had soon drifted off…

A dull pain awoke her. Her face was wet. Had something started dripping on her…?

Shifting around, she suddenly found out it was blood pouring down her face. What…? Her eyes went wide when she saw what was happening… Three ugly bats sucking the blood from her skin!

“Ew, bats!” she screamed, jumping up and running for the end of the cave, swatting at them, an unbelievable amount of blood pouring from her.

They were in her hair! Ew, creepy, she thought. Get them out, get them out! The blood… they would kill her!

And this self-claimed tough chick ran all the way home, tears mingling with blood, making her doubt all that she thought about herself. Yes, the forest was all about survival, and that was something she had never truly appreciated before. But it had taught her something deep about herself, even if she never told anybody the true story of what had happened there.

From Trifecta


Author: littlewonder2

I'm 25, and I blog to improve my writing; I want to be good enough to be published. I also studied Japanese when I was younger. Luckily, I'll be able to continue those studies along with Creative Writing next year in University.

11 thoughts on “Trifextra: Bleeding Blondie and the Bats

  1. Nice take on Goldilocks! I like the line “That passage was too hot.”. So close to ” That porridge was too hot.”. Made me laugh!

  2. Haha, even self-proclaimed “tough chicks” have their limits… don’t we? 😉 Great take on the story, I love it!

  3. I like the words – it is all about survival.

  4. Ha! I like how she acts all tough about entering the cave and then gets freaked out by the bats. I wonder how she spun that story since she never told the real one. 😛

  5. I definitely didn’t see the bats coming – gross but great.
    I was called Goldilocks/Goldie as a kid and HATED it. You captured that feeling perfectly.
    Came from Trifextra linkup.

  6. Dude, I LOOVE this. Best take on Goldilocks I’ve ever seen!

  7. Very nice. The last paragraph was my hands-down favorite. Nice ending.

  8. All characters have their weakness. I’m not fond of bats myself (eeeek)!

  9. Call me odd, but somehow, this piece reminded me of Robert Frost’s “Road not Taken”. Well done!

  10. I kept hoping she was going to get some peace. Not to be, poor Blondie

  11. Very clever response to the prompt. WHat a nasty way to be woken up. I like the way it’s also a bit of a wake up call for this ‘self-claimed tough chick’. Great imagination in this one. Thanks for linking up.

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