Little wonder we stumble in life.

365 Days, Week Three

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The gas station exploded.

None of us were particularly sure how it happened. It must have been sabotage. Her mind was too blurred from the fight, but anything could’ve happened in the heat of the moment.

What she did know was that it threw out everybody’s movements. Anybody who wanted to escape now from the violence just got their big break. But her, she was going to stay.

She had plans against Alex. She was sure he had the same. Fire was very dangerous for them both, and she could already feel the heat burn her from here. But she would take him down or die trying. With all of her heart and soul, he was the one who needed to die. He had raped her, he had killed her sister; she owed him everything he had coming.


Money didn’t even enter into it. She didn’t need it to survive; she didn’t need it to feed, and everything else her victims didn’t provide, Brenda offered.

What else did she need?

“You need to bathe,” said Brenda.

Dawn looked at her. It was hardly an essential, was it? “What’s wrong with my smell?”

“How do you expect to attract anything to feed from when you smell like a trash can? Don’t you ever shower?”

Briefly, Dawn wondered if that was the reason that hunting was always Belinda’s responsibility, not hers. “I was always too busy to shower,” Dawn answered.

“Well, not anymore. Go on,” she said.

But it still seemed rather frivolous to her. “Why?”

“Why?” retorted Brenda. “Because my parents aren’t going to let you stay here if you smell like a skunk!”

“A skunk?”

“Just please take a shower. For both of us,” she pleaded.

“Fine,” Dawn relented.

Travelling Alone

Miles from town, I walked down the margins of this black ground. Alone.

Alone was always a dream. Now it was real and I… didn’t quite know how I felt about it. It felt empty. I thought I would be happy. Thrilled even, that I would never have feel the pain of my father’s hand or my mother’s voice again. How was it possible that I felt this way? Did I need it? Did I miss it?

If so, I had to be very fucked up indeed.


Even as a vampire she couldn’t keep up. Cruel irony.

It was good for him, at least. Whatever it was she planned to do with him, he didn’t want it. He knew she wanted to kill him. If she even knew how to kill a vampire, that is.

Pathetic. He would win every time. He laughed.

“Come back here!” she cried.

As if. Still, eventually this chase would stop. Eventually he would get her just as good as she wanted to get him.

“Catch me if you can!” he teased anyway. May as well have a little fun with her while she was behind like she was.

His muscles stormed him up the mountain, singing like a guitar string, strong and flexible. He could hear she was struggling. At this height, he just wanted her to slip and fall to the bottom.

“I’ll bleed your eyes out!” she threatened.

“I’d like to see you try!” he called back. It was all just a harmless game. Only not quite harmless; if anyone’s eyes were going to bleed, it would be hers.

It was like he said, he was going to give her as good as she wanted to give him.

“I’m not going to try, I’m going to do it! That’s a fucking promise, Orion! I’m going to hang you by your organs when all this is done! All that will be left of you will be dripping–red–flesh!”

“You’re only making it worse for yourself, Dawn,” I barked my own warning. “I promise you all of that back! You’ll be nothing but a stupid bitch who didn’t learn her lesson!”

It was insulting, he knew. But she deserved it the way she treated him. Even if she’d disagree.

“I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY!” she screamed, crazed.

This was all an advantage on him. Her anger was allowing him to get away. He was playing by the rules that used to control him. How ironic.

365 Days, home post.

I’ve decided to bin this project. Obviously, I haven’t done it for months, so there’s not really much point in keeping it around. Let’s hope I do better in future to write consistently.

Author: littlewonder2

A writer in the making, I am learning Japanese, studied Creative Writing in university, and dabble in both fanfiction and original fiction.

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