Little wonder we stumble in life.


Trifecta – Left for Dead

It was sweltering tonight. Maybe she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“It’s me. Tyler.”

“Tyler,” she said, blankly. She was sure he thought she was being retarded.

“Hello, is anybody in there?”

“Yeah, I’m in here,” she said, snapping out of her reverie. “You’re supposed to be dead.”

“Yeah, well, sorry to disappoint you,” he said, “but I’m alive and well. Take more than that to take me down.”

“How?” she asked, though even now, she wasn’t quite sure she wanted to know.

Everything had changed; she had changed it along with the rest of them who betrayed him. She felt her stomach drop as he looked back at her, watching his dead eyes turn as he looked at her. She knew he was remembering that night, but she didn’t know what he was thinking.

Tyler lay torn to shreds on the ground where they had left him. He had not been the slowest of the group, but he was the most hated, and he had been thrown by his peers and left for dead.

But the creature hadn’t killed him; it smirked at him maliciously, pressed him into the ground, and savaged him raw. It was debilitating, humiliating. He was it’s bitch.

Without warning, the pain overwhelmed him, queasy and bleeding sharply, and the world flashed by in a haze as if he wasn’t present in this world anymore, halfway between two worlds, experiencing the worst and impatient to die, if that was how it would be. He wanted death. In honesty, he thought it would just leave him for dead, too, but no. He was nothing to it, he was sure, but an empty shell to use and then toss away like soda can, yet it kept him alive.

He didn’t know whether to be grateful, or hateful for prolonging his suffering like he was some beast, the beast it was deep down in its torn soul, lurking over him.

Maybe that was why vampires weren’t how they appeared in pop culture, like prissy princesses posing like emos beneath their dramatic makeup and making the girls swoon. Yet the red eyes were spot-on, like bloody Twilight contained some truth. And suddenly he wondered if it did, and just why he still wasn’t dead.

Her heart pounded. She was afraid of what he would do.

She breathed in, fear mounting.

He looked at her. A smile appeared, looking hollow and patronising. “You know,” he said.

Her heart pounded louder. Her mouth opened several times, planning to speak but instead only inhaling deeply.

“You’re not the same,” she finally said.

“No,” he agreed.

“No,” she said. But there was something she wasn’t saying, something he wasn’t sure he understood. “After, though…”

“After,” he said bitterly. “I died.”

The pain was gone; he looked around, finally seeing in finer details and realising he was a world away from before. A wooden desk was the first thing that caught his eye; he was in a bedroom. He was lying over the covers of a bed, bleeding onto it and out of his mind.

Forcing himself up, a stab pierced his side and filled him with a sharp agony, lingering stronger in time. He faintly saw a blood trail from the door. It was only the most recent of stains on the ugly carpet.

The room looked very blank. Tyler settled back down on the bed, thinking. How had he gotten here? He felt very vulnerable, unsure of what to do. All he knew was that he couldn’t stay here; he had to escape.

He closed his eyes, immersed in the darkness that lay behind them. Was he going to die here?

In the peace of his solitude, he broke down. All the unshed tears he never would have released had he thought anyone was watching, flowed from him then. In between breaths, his throat gravelled and his innards prickled like a knife.

He lay there for hours.

His eyes were dry when it returned.

He glared up at it with a hatred that burned his eyes, filling his chest and his head, causing his muscles to shake. Why was he here?

It still had that smug smirk plastered on its face. “You’ve lost everyone. So I wouldn’t, if I were you. You’d be dead if it weren’t for me.”

“What do you want from me?” growled Tyler.

“Want?” it asked. Its smirk grew into a smile. “Oh, alright,” it told him, “you really wanna know what I want? Here it is: I want to burn down each and every one of those in that town who thought they could destroy me. That includes you. But, first,” it smiled wider, “one thing. I know they all hate you, and as far as I’m concerned, that makes you as much of a monster as me.”

It crept around, like a ghost, to tower over him. He tried to get up–

“No, don’t do that. It would be better if you just lay perfectly still.”

It was bending deeply towards him now, so that Tyler couldn’t sit up if he wanted to. It swung a leg over his other side, blocking him there now like some ugly marionette. It would almost be funny if he wasn’t so creeped out and disgusted. He could feel its…

He gulped.

It attacked.

She looked at him more clearly, eyes wide now. She didn’t know if he meant he was really dead, but she had a bad feeling. She sucked in her gut, afraid.

Tyler looked back at Diana, flashing his teeth. “You were right about me, Di. I really am a monster.”

He tore through her body, sure to make sure there was no way she could survive. Then he left her in his wake, burning through across the park to take revenge against the people who had betrayed him.

Thank you, Trifecta, for this prompt. It’s just what I needed.