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Hogwarts House Analysis


I found this on tumblr, while I was looking for motivation for one of my original characters. You see, ever since Harry Potter, I think of everyone, in real life or in any fandom, as belonging to a certain house. It’s like part of their characterisation now.

Here’s what it said about Gryffindor, which is this character’s house:

True Gryffindors have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and this is a part of what gives them such strong opinions. Depending on the person, this may be taken to a Borderline degree, and they may see people as either good or evil, not in between and no chance of redemption for those on the darker sides of things. Alternately, Gryffindors may see all people as being initially good, and only making the wrong choices take the down the wrong road. Both of these behaviours are why Gryffindors and Slytherins can easily clash. Gryffindors are usually incredibly intelligent, but they tend to be slackers, more focused on getting a taste of something new than sticking to responsibility. This can be their downfall from success, or quite the opposite, bringing them a rise up into something they love. Once they find their true place in the world, Gryffindors will often use their accomplishments to the benefit of others in some form or fashion. Actors, singers and athletes can often be classified as Gryffindors. Despite their good intentions, they can also quite often be ill-tempered and overly emotional, which is their Achilles’ Heel in most instances. A darker Gryffindor may become out of control because of this, hurting those they love or holding a grudge for many years. This is simply based upon my opinion and obviously does not apply to everyone within every house. Do not take this too seriously as to get offended by anything I say. If you enjoy this and wish for me to analyze combined houses, like this post.

On a related note, I am on Pottermore, and a Slytherin there, and I just saw this on a linked tumblr account:

The winner of the first Pottermore House Cup: Slytherin!

My reaction? YESSSSSS!

PS As a person who used to identify as Ravenclaw, they really should have more than quotes on their tumblr. Sure, I love their quotes as much as anyone (though they’re not as awesome as Slytherin’s), but its no 16 Reasons You’re Not A Nerd.

PPS This is what Kristina Horner should put on her tumblr:

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  1. I wonder what is the Slytherin analysis..

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