Little wonder we stumble in life.

Trifecta – Heart

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Her heart was big, pounding with force as her senses excited. Her chest heaved, large and present as their lips clashed together in a meeting of warm, wet flesh. Her breasts were warm pillows against her lover’s body, rising the heat further between them.

Her lover took a deep breath. “Are you sure this is… all right?”

“Trust me,” she said, “I want this too. It’s hot –”

“I’m 42,” said her lover. “Are you sure you don’t want… someone your own age?”

“You are hotter than any of those girls could hope to be.”

So why was her heart breaking? At the idea that she wouldn’t be enough. At the idea that someday she’d be too old…

She recaptured her lover’s lips, and she sucked back, if only to show her that she had everything right here, pressing their bodies together. “Baby, you’re more than enough,” she whispered.

Her lover gradually became more firm with her gradual teasing, and both women, 27 and 42, warmed each other through the cold night.


Author: littlewonder2

A writer in the making, I am learning Japanese, studied Creative Writing in university, and dabble in both fanfiction and original fiction.

One thought on “Trifecta – Heart

  1. At some point that difference has to lose its impact. Hopefully they make it there. Thanks for playing along with us this week. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

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