Little wonder we stumble in life.


The Ivan Project, #32

“If you take off your clothes, I’ll take off mine.”

She looked around her. Safe in her room, no one else would see her or walk in on her without knocking. At the very least.

She stripped down, only to her underwear. “Now you.”

“How about you strip down fully? Then I will.”

“You first.”

“No. You –”

That answer had been too definite. She had already grabbed her shirt, pulling it on furiously. “Forget it. Liar!”

She was crying. “Hey — I didn’t know you liked me so much!” he said.

“I didn’t!”

Deep down, she knew it was a lie. But that wasn’t the reason she was crying. She was crying because he made a fool of her. He never intended to fulfill his promise, but that alone had been enough to…

She was an idiot.