Little wonder we stumble in life.

Trifecta – Uneasy


She felt uneasy. “I don’t… condone what he did…” Her muscles tightened.

“Then tell me,” said Luca, “what would you have done?”

Belinda grasped around in her brain, struggling to come up with an answer. “I would’ve… been kinder…”

Luca scoffed. “Kinder? To her?” She shook her head. “No, there’s only one way to deal with Dawn, and that’s to push her. She won’t act unless you make her –”

“She forces herself out of bed every day, for you! She does everything you ask of her –”

“What, is it hard to get out of bed?”

“The way you both treat her, I’d imagine it is! It must be a struggle just to stay sane around you, the way you yell and abuse her! Is it any wonder she talks back?”

“How dare you –”

“–tell the truth? Yeah, indeed. How dare I.”

This is a character sketch of Belinda and her adoptive family, as well as a prompt for Trifecta.


Author: littlewonder2

I'm 25, and I blog to improve my writing; I want to be good enough to be published. I also studied Japanese when I was younger. Luckily, I'll be able to continue those studies along with Creative Writing next year in University.

5 thoughts on “Trifecta – Uneasy

  1. Oh – it sounds like we are in the absolute heat of the confrontation. I like the way you’ve handled the dialogue.

  2. Nice dialog! I’d love to know what it is that “he” did.

  3. Nice sketch. I’d love to see it developed a bit more. Feels like more of a scene for something longer to me. Then again I see most well written things that way!

  4. The dialogue flows very nicely. All the hesitations and inflections speak volumes about these two characters and their relationship

  5. Great truth in this post. Well written.

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