Little wonder we stumble in life.


SOCS — Just Write #2

This is it, free writing. It reminds me of an episode of NCIS when McGee was freewriting, and DiNozzo acted all, “ooh, freewriting” as though he hadn’t heard of it. Which he obviously hadn’t, but it makes you wonder.

I often think people should automatically know certain things, and when they don’t, it’s a big shock. You wonder how a person can go around not knowing something you consider so fundamental.

But not everyone sees the world the same way as you do. And that’s an important thing for a writer to remember, because if you write a character as though they know something that in truth they wouldn’t, no matter how fundamental you think that knowledge, maybe it’s a bit off-putting.

Maybe its wrong.

And I take great pride in characterisation over plot. It what defines everything, isn’t it? Characters are what make plots.

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The Ivan Project, #44

She almost fell straight to the ground as she stepped on the slick metal. What a difference rain makes; to her movements, to her moods…

It didn’t do to make herself so vulnerable, not when she was already paranoid with the fear she was being followed. Just as she caught herself from falling, she was knocked off her feet. Then her stalker attacked.

She didn’t know which she was more eager for; shameful life or secret death. They defiled her in the darkness, her disgust so sharp that automatically she knew the answer. Kill her now, swiftly and secretly, lest everyone know what a whore she was, without even meaning it.

There was no good in the world. Not full of inhuman beasts like this; she knew them. There was no point in living like this.

Yet in the morning, they let her go, cameras and appetites full. The end of the beginning of a nightmare to last years…