Little wonder we stumble in life.

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The Ivan Project, #55

She didn’t know if it was love or just loneliness. With her, she felt just a little bit less hopeless, like she wasn’t a total screw up. Like maybe the life ahead of her wasn’t so bleak.

She was just screwing around when she met her, just one in a line of one-night stands. Now it was growing into a fling…

That was always bad.

And now, when she found out her lover had LAM disease… “I’ll race you.” It felt like she didn’t have to hide anymore. She finally had someone she could give herself wholly to, instead of treading on eggshells.

Their best years were behind them. Jessica just lied in hospital struggling to breathe, and Tori was stuck in a wheelchair with barely enough strength to swallow.

Every moment was agony. She was still full in function of her faculties, but her body had lost all control.

It was time. And it was only now that she realised her one mistake: no one to pull the plug. No one to put her out of her misery. Just two miserable bodies, living in agony, separate from each other.

She should’ve listened to her first instincts. Love stinks.