Little wonder we stumble in life.

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The Ivan Project, #56

“If you think I’m such a freak, then why do you still treat me like a person sometimes?” She didn’t want to feel ungrateful, but she was sick of being insulted.

“Because you are a person,” he said. “We all are. Duh!”

“But if you think I’m a freak–”

“Doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated like one. We’re all freaks. The only reason anyone treats someone like a freak is to satisfy their own inner freak. And I don’t need to do that because…”

Her eyes widened slightly as she watched him, realisation taking over. “You hate yourself, don’t you? You’re… just like me.”

“Am not!” he argued, eyes sparkling genuinely.

She smiled. Maybe he wasn’t so bad, after all.