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The Value of Twilight?

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The Sad Truth is, Stephanie Meyer calls this a healthy relationship…

The whole purpose of a story is the resolution of a problem.

The big problem is the Story Worthy Problem.

[Les] Edgerton says that the Story Worthy Problem is more of an inner problem. A dramatic change that’s from the inside, changing the character’s life. It’s the problem that forces the character on his journey because he can’t stand to live with the current psychological state.

How do you find this problem? Edgerton shares my love of questions. Think of your novel. I’ll do a whole example here like he does because I will tell you, without his, I would have been lost.

Example: Joseph wants to save the Princess from the evil witch, Erizzelbub.

Okay, why?

Well, Joseph wants the fame that comes with being a dragon slayer.


Because he feels as if he’s not worth much at the moment. So what he’s really after isn’t the fame, but the feeling that he’s worth something. That’s psychological.

So here’s a challenge for you: What’s Twilight’s ‘Story Worthy Problem’?


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