Little wonder we stumble in life.

BlogFestivus #1 – Dasher


He ran circles around the makeshift ice rink, leaving people gawking at him, leaping to the side, sprawling to the ground or sent in a spin. He was like a horse running around a track, and he was so fast, that most people didn’t even have much time to recover.

“Come on, kids, off the ice…” one worried dad called, waving his children over to the door, struggling to their feet and staggering over.

Other people watched from the sidelines, complaining to each other about what a rude reindeer he was.

The ones on the ice were worse. Although they found that the middle of the ice was perfectly safe, they were soon shouting obscenities at the reindeer, unimpressed at this behaviour.

Dasher stopped in his tracks, black eyes staring at the group of name callers in the middle of the ice. He was only here to have fun, and the group were starting to tick him off.

He changed directions and charged the group head on. Panicked, the men started scattering, trying to avoid Dasher, but he began to pick them off one by one.

The last man standing was getting more panicked as each of his friends were getting picked off. He tried to speed up to outskate Dasher, but he was getting closer…

His black snow jacket soon matched the shadow looming over him, and before he could reach the door, he was slammed into it hard by the reindeer.

First entry for BlogFestivus


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Author: littlewonder2

I'm 25, and I blog to improve my writing; I want to be good enough to be published. I also studied Japanese when I was younger. Luckily, I'll be able to continue those studies along with Creative Writing next year in University.

4 thoughts on “BlogFestivus #1 – Dasher

  1. Liked the story. Dasher is being quite a rebellious Reindeer this year! 😀

  2. Are the Winter Olympics next for Dasher? 🙂

  3. My kind of story. And yes, reindeer are rude.

  4. Just getting caught up on my BlogFestivusezzz — I say he was provoked!

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