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Women are good for: Inventions

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This morning, I woke up thinking of The Simpsons. Specifically, I was thinking of a scene in Season 17 in which they

The conversation about women's inventions that sparked this post. (Image not exact)

The conversation about women’s inventions that sparked this post.
(Image not exact)

were in the kitchen arguing about what women have ever invented over men, with Homer pushing that women aren’t as good as men because they’ve never invented much whereas men have invented everything good.

Even if you ignore the fact that women have had to deal with large amounts of sexism that would prevent them from inventing anything, there had to be a counter-argument to that question.

I knew for one thing (having heard about it in a documentary) that a woman had invented farming (sure, it created war and disease, but it also freed man to evolve into civilisation), but I didn’t know much more than that.

So I decided to look it up. I found this link listing a top 10 things invented by women. Instead, though, I’ve decided to list my own similar top 10:

10) Medical Syringe

9) Circular Saw

Among the Shakers, a woman noticed the inefficiency of the two-man saw and invented this alternative, which wastes no movement at all.

8) Fire Escape

7) The Compiler and COBOL Computer Language

This was an invention created by an Admiral, which turns human commands into computer code.

6) Coloured Flare System

An invention started by her husband but finished by his wife when he passed away, she never got all the money owed to her from this invention.

5) Submarine Lamp and Telescope

Women gave us the first glimpse of the ocean floor.

4) Dishwasher

Far from being a housewife invention, the woman who invented this was sick of her servants damaging her china, and invented the dishwasher, selling it businesses before catching the eye of women in the workplace.

3) Life Raft

2) Kevlar

A steel-like fabric, it can be used for everything from bullet-proof vests to radial tyres.

1) Farming

Far back in mankind’s past, a woman sowed the seeds of farming, opening mankind up to creating food for themselves.


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