Little wonder we stumble in life.


Trifecta – Disturbing the Peace

At midnight, every night since she was six, Marley always awoke in her bed to find that she had materialised into another world. She was a citizen now, living in the true-fantasy town where friends and neighbours surrounded her in the night-peace between midnight and dawn.

She never knew where her night’s adventures would take her.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Marley’s eyes fell on Lalla, curves begging from under a red silk neglige.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked, well used by now to accepting everything, but now faced with another kind of fantasy altogether.

She jumped eagerly on the bed, straddling Marley’s hips. Marley got ready to submit her teenaged virginity to Lalla’s capable hands… and mouth, she thought, as her lover started sucking her neck.

This world was the only place she really lived, and she’d lived in it for twelve years now. She was ready.

“Take me,” she told Lalla, “now.”

Lalla began running deft hands up Marley’s legs, parting them as she went, and soon they disappeared under Marley’s night shirt.

She pulled her underwear straight down to her ankles, and just the sight of it, the knowledge of what was about to happen, turned her on.

And now, as Lalla stuck a finger in Marley could already feel her own wet heat. She pressed herself against the finger eagerly, craving friction, craving Lalla.

“Please… God…”

Lalla pulled out, and Marley whimpered, but just quickly there were two fingers, twice the friction, and Marley widened her legs as she slowly impaled herself on them.

And then Lalla’s head disappeared, and Marley felt a strong jolt of muscle inside her, working against Lalla’s fingers, throbbing, heightening, and Marley began moving, moaning, twitching.

Lalla’s fingers reached, their tips wriggling, and Marley felt everything. And she was getting close now, closer, and so she pushed, trying to get higher, and higher, waiting, just waiting to come.

A little movement, a few extra licks and strokes from Lalla, and she did.