Little wonder we stumble in life.

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Twisted Nightmare

She was closed in doors, closed in by trees. Her feet echoed off the empty hallway, creeping in at her. She felt alone, but she knew she wasn’t. She could sense someone there. 

He came towards her at the corner of the hallway like a gasping breath, knocking her into the wall and attacking her mouth. Not content at that, Alex began to touch her body, grabbing her as if he owned her. He pressed hard into her, frontal against her, ready to rape her —

Then his face changed, and she was staring back at her father, older, lighter, white scar under his left eye, wicked grin full of teeth —

Dawn woke up.

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If I Were Prime Minister… I’d Fix Education

I’ve been thinking of this a little bit recently, how screwed up education is. Not only have there been cuts to Education, with the government not prioritising it (an odd decision, since the government should always be looking to the future), but also the way it’s set up; specifically, the way high school is set up. The obvious skills needed to learn are literacy and numeracy, and the basics are taught anyway in primary school (although some other important things, like science, are sometimes left out), but when you get to high school, you get taught unnecessary things like algebra and trigonometry. Students are taught trivialities, instead of being prepared for life after school.

What I would prefer to see would be that subjects like that becoming maths electives, with bases including things like banking and budgeting. Students should be taught how to pay the bills, manage money and other such things instead of having to rely on their parents to either teach them how or do it for them. Another common complaint by students has often been why they don’t teach kids how to deal with boys/girls. I’ve also felt that sex education never happened for me, or happened too early, but talking to people is different; that’s the kind of lesson I would stick in foreign language classes, as studying another language myself is something that has helped me learn those skills that were lacking in the ordinary school system.

In English, I might even have earlier classes focus on relevant topics like text talk and compare it with genuine English, putting an extra focus on helping kids overcome bad English skills. But what also occurs to me in this is that perhaps this kind of Education is possible to create for teachers or businesses or textbook writers as well… If the government won’t take action, it’s possible for more ordinary people to achieve. Though it won’t be me; these are ideas, not commitments. But I wish schools were more practical this way.

It all seems to be the vestiges of a bygone age.