Little wonder we stumble in life.

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First Week in Japan

IMG_1902[1] IMG_1897[1]


This is my University. It’s called Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.

次の四か月、ここで勉強します。 日本語とか日本の文化とかを勉強します。

For the next four months, I’ll study here. I’ll study things like Japanese and Japanese culture.

IMG_1911[1] IMG_1912[1]

IMG_1913[1] IMG_1914[1]

これは、大学りょうです。 私の部屋は二回です。 部屋のとなりはだいどころがあります。

This is my university dorm. My room is on the first floor. Next to my room is a kitchen.


When I first arrived, I was helped into a bus and taxi. At the airport, bus station and uni dorm, I met other students.

IMG_1925[1] IMG_1926[1]

IMG_1931[1] IMG_1937[1]

IMG_1939[1] IMG_1940[1]



On Wednesday, there was a Welcome Party. There was food, and clubs performed.

IMG_1948[1] IMG_1950[1]

IMG_1953[1] IMG_1958[1]


On Friday, we went to Ise Grand Shrine. We entered, then before continuing, washed out hands and mouth.

IMG_1961[1] IMG_1963[1]


After we arrived here, we saw the Kagura. In the second photo is where we saw them. Behind the blue curtain was the Kagura. It was a big tatami room.

IMG_1967[1] IMG_1970[1]

IMG_1972[1] IMG_1973[1]


After that, it rained. I also didn`t have an umbrella. But I went to this shrine. I gave 50 yen, and made a prayer.


Then I saw some other shrines.

IMG_1977[1] IMG_1979[1]



When I returned, I went to have lunch.

IMG_1982[1] IMG_1984[1]


The next day, I went to Nagoya Castle. My tour guides were Ryo, Reiko and Haruka.

IMG_1996[1] IMG_1992[1]


The first photo is Reiko. The second photo is Haruka.


First, we went to Hommaru. I took off my shoes, and walked around inside.

IMG_2001[1] IMG_2006[1]

IMG_2009[1] IMG_2013[1]

IMG_2019[1] IMG_2023[1]

IMG_2025[1] IMG_2026[1]


Next, we went into the big building. There were 7 levels. Inside were many pretty things.

IMG_2029[1] IMG_2030[1]

IMG_2031[1] IMG_2032[1]

IMG_2033[1] IMG_2036[1]

IMG_2040[1] IMG_2048[1]

IMG_2054[1] IMG_2056[1]

IMG_2068[1] IMG_2069[1]


After we left, we walked to a restaurant. It was pretty.

IMG_2072[1] IMG_2078[1]

IMG_2080[1] IMG_2082[1]


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Friday Fictioneers: Abandoned

The place had been abandoned for many years. It had been his childhood home. His father had been the founder of a car company. After he died, he had left his son one of his newest models.

He didn’t want it. His mother had just bought him a new cars, ordinary as it was, and he escaped in it.

His father was addicted to wine. He’d hit his son. He couldn’t get away soon enough.

The car had been left to rot, an undriven Rolls Royce. It was now a classic car, and it would be sold to the highest bidder.

Friday Fictioneers, 31 July 2015.