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Makin’ Tofu

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Today, we made Tofu in Food & Culture class. On the board was a simplistic version of the recipe, but unless you were there, you couldn’t really understand from that alone. So let me talk you through it.

When we first arrived in the class, each table had two big silver bowls of soybeans soaking in water. The first thing we did was drain those boils and add about 420ml of water. These went in the blender for about 3 minutes, and after that, the mixture went in pans. The heat came on, and the mixture stirred around.

Two bowls and strainers came out then, and a cloth placed over the strainers. When the mixture had thickened, and become heavier, two people held the cloth over the strainer to catch everything, and moisture dripped in a stream from the bottom into the strainer and bowl. Wooden spatulas were used to squeeze as much moisture as possible from the solid material, called okara, in the cloth. The okara was then put aside to be used in other recipes.



After that, water was put into a pot and a bowl placed on top. The mixture was poured inside, tested with a thermometer for a bit, and left to cook for 10 minutes, which thickened the mixture.

Then it was squeezed into a block and left to set.


After this, it was drained and flipped onto a plate. The tofu was done.


According to the teacher, there are two kinds of tofu, hard and soft. Although this wasn’t exactly hard, it was the harder form of tofu that exists. I had it with soy sauce and shavings. It was odd at first, but you adjust to the taste. Toppings help, though. They were needed, in my case.

Obviously, this isn’t an exact recipe. But just to give you a feeling for what it was like to make it, I wrote this.

If you want to make it yourself, you should probably look up the recipe.


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