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I Went Ahead and Wrote A Spider-Man Movie Where Peter Parker is Bisexual Because Life is Short and God Knows Nobody Else Was Going to Do It

The Niche

Did you know that Andrew Garfield, the inventor of acting, once proposed a Spider-Man movie in which Peter Parker would be bisexual and Michael B. Jordan would play MJ? Did you know that he proposed this more than once?

Did you know that Sony and Marvel allegedly inked a legal licensing agreement in 2011 which contractually obligated all parties involved to portray Peter Parker as straight and white?

No? You didn’t know all that? Well, you do now. Welcome to my own personal hell. Andrew Garfield tried to deliver a bisexual Spider-Man unto us, and Sony and Marvel successfully conspired to screw us out of it.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I’d just resigned myself to the fact that we would never see the immaculate truth of a bisexual Peter Parker on the silver screen.

But then I was like, wait. I may not have the…

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Driving into Midnight

“I knew you loved me too much.”

Brenda flashed her eyes to Dawn, gripped the wheel, stared forward. “It − this − it isn’t like that. I’m not… coming back.”


Brenda cracked a smile even as she visibly pushed it down. She glared at Dawn softly. “I meant what I said before. We’re not… I can’t do this.”

“You love me.”

“I know. But we both know it isn’t enough.”

“Maybe not for you. I know you don’t see any hope in love. And I know it doesn’t fix anything. I still did what I did, and I’m still damaged goods. The world’s still shit and hateful and tearing itself apart. And I don’t blame it, because so was I. I found no value in love, and look where it got me. I became what I became because I thought love wasn’t worth it. I thought it destroys you, but so did hate. And look at the world now, look what hate’s doing.

“I love you, Brenda, I do. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing anymore. Love can be redemptive. And I’m trying, I really am. Won’t you say you love me too?”

Brenda looked back at Dawn, moved but weary. Then she let a genuine smile light up her face. “That’s all I ever wanted from you, Dawn,” she said, her eyes shining. “Maybe there could be hope yet.”

They kissed.

This was as far from the end as it was possible to be. There was no driving off into the sunset for them; it was physically impossible without burning. And they were far from done facing the worst of the world. Quite the contrary, this was only the start. But they would face it together, knowing themselves and each other. Their inner demons weren’t gone, but they no longer had power over them.

It was time to see what they could make of it.

Inspired by the episode Birthmarks from the show House. Specifically the line, “I knew you loved me too much,” when they were on the road.

Also I recently saw a post on tumblr reimagining the Harry Potter epilogue given what we now know about the state of the world. I decided that when I get to the end of the story I’m writing, it can’t just be placating like the ‘All was well’ line at the end of the last HP book. So this was also inspired by that.