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Junior Lieutenant’s Log

Earth Date: 6th May, 2019

It seems Starfleet made a mistake in making me a Lieutenant. So I’ve been bumped down to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Let’s just do this.

I have been asked to come up with a pitch for a show that shows a diverse and utopian vision of an issue we are facing right now. And to me, no issue seems more prescient and more important than global warming.

So here’s my pitch:

It’s 100 years into the future. The children of the current age have fought for the environment and won. That win resulted in a society that is now free from capitalism: it is a world without power structures, ruled by a council of diverse representatives, open to all sides. It is a world that has recorded the mistakes of the past, but has learned from them and adapted to overcome them. This is apparent in their dynamic education system, their open and honest spread of information, their dramatic drop in crime and homelessness, and their co-operation with the environment.

The loss of the societal structures in place 100 years ago led to a dramatic shift in the course of climate change. Species and habitats have been saved, though many are worse for wear, and are under society’s protection. Metropolises have had a green makeover, and the Earth is gradually recovering.

This utopia does rely on ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) in the form of androids, apps, and appliances. But it managed to avoid complacency by not advancing the technology to AGI and ASI (artificial general intelligence and artificial superintelligence).

However, outliers to this utopia have advanced the technology to the level of ASI. This smaller society, who rejected this green new world, are now dependent on the ASI and worship them as Gods.

This is the story of a utopian society that must struggle to maintain power and heal the Earth, as well as protect it against the ASI and the society that powers it, who seek to undo everything they have created. It focuses on the council that runs the society, as well as those on the ground, healing the Earth and facing their enemies. Each representative on the council is in touch with the people but specialises in the community they came from, whether that community is based in race, religion, sexuality, age, or gender.

During the course of the series, we see many Earth environments and the effects that climate change has had on them, as well as the inside of both these societies and how they serve their inhabitants, based on the experiences of the main cast of characters. Some are commanders, some are soldiers, some are engineers, some are environmentalists, and some are doctors. But only by working together do they have any hope of defeating their enemy.

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