Little wonder we stumble in life.

Stopped Evolution

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The judge sat before them, ready to hand down his sentence. In front of him, a man strapped into an electric chair, and a journalist holding a microphone. She stood before a camera, shooting the whole event live.

“You have been found guilty of sodomy,” decreed the judge. “Any last words?”

The woman put the microphone up to the criminal’s mouth.

“Sodomy rocks.”

“You sit charged of a heinous crime against our society,” argued the judge. “A threat to the moral fabric of our culture, and to the way we perpetuate our society!”

“We,” said the criminal, “are the Victorian era with wi-fi. We haven’t changed since then at all. Sodomy is no more a crime than sex in the marriage bed.”

“And why should we change? We are a fully-evolved society. These are the words of a morally-corrupt criminal.”

“They are such eloquent words,” said the journalist. “Can’t we just sentence him to life inprisonment instead?”

“Absolutely not!” said the judge. “He has done the crime. Now he must be forced to face the consequences.”

“I think he has a lot more to say. Don’t you?” said the journalist, offering the mic and giving him a look.

“Uh,” said the criminal, “uh, yes.”

As he began to give a speech, the journalist slipped her free hand into her pocket and found a bobby pin. She straightened it at the first bend and sneaked it out of her pocket. With it, she worked on unlocking the cuff holding down his left hand.

It clicked. She looked to the judge. He hadn’t noticed.

Unsure how to proceed without drawing suspicion, she simply slipped the bobby pin into his hand and let her hand drop.

“That’s enough,” demanded the judge. “I will not hear any more of these guilty words!”

He nodded at the executioner. He pulled the switch.

It all happened very fast. Jumping back, the journalist watched as the criminal’s hand flew up and threw up the electric cap, aiming the thunderbolts at the executioner on his right, who was thrown down on the ground. He quickly unlocked his remaining cuffs, while the judge yelled for someone to seize him, and ran from the room.

He looked at journalist. She shrugged.

The judge bolted out of the room after him.

The journalist turned back to the camera. “Back to you, Ron.”

Author: littlewonder2

A writer in the making, I am learning Japanese, studied Creative Writing in university, and dabble in both fanfiction and original fiction.

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