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BlogFestivus #6 – Cupid

The first thing Cupid saw was the flash of golden stars. Elated, she knew it must be her love, Comet. She burst into the air, chasing after him.

The trail broke every now and then, and she had to peer over the trees to find him. The first reindeer she spotted though, wasn’t Comet.

It was Vixen.

Shyly, she emerged from the canopy, letting Vixen approach her. Bucking her head, she found Vixen acting her usual frisky self. But she also knew what a tease Vixen was. Perhaps it was time to show her what love could do.

Cupid took off, stopping every once in a while to make sure Vixen was following and eventually plunged into the trees, satisfied that Vixen was pursuing her.

Cupid wasn’t going to let her have her way like she was used to with the other reindeer. Teasing wasn’t just the domain of lust; it was what love was made of. It wasn’t just a way to control others; it was a way to make them fall in love.

Cupid was named not just for her passion for match making, but because of the skill she possessed to make anyone fall in love with her. It came naturally to her.

And she did it actively. Comet was the only one she truly loved back, though. She lived to teach lessons in love. And she lived to be loved. Comet was content with that.

Cupid made her move.

Sixth entry for BlogFestivus


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