Little wonder we stumble in life.


BlogFestivus #4 – Vixen

She and Prancer would be the ultimate power couple, Vixen thought. If she wasn’t too busy flirting with all of the other reindeer she deemed worth her time.

Rubbing her body down another healthy reindeer, her body hummed with desire. She was a real Vixen. Just as the other reindeer gained interest, she galloped away, forcing him to chase her.

She may not have those big manly antlers, and Santa’s pulling crew may be a boy’s club, but she was living proof that she could be discounted for nothing.

She shot into the sky, leaving the poor young reindeer stuck on the ground, helplessly watching after her.

Her habits were going to get her in trouble one day. Or they would, if she ever pulled that stunt with the other magic reindeer. But she was smart, and she was careful. She was trouble, not the other way around.

She looked down on the reindeer on the ground. He was alone in the wild, and young too. He didn’t have a pack… he’d be lucky to survive out here. The least she could do was give him a little action.

She heard a bell ring, and she turned her head. There were other magic reindeer close by. She looked around, through the temperate forest, before she caught sight of an antler bobbing up for a second before it lowered into the trees for a moment.

She followed. There was a better adventure ahead.


Fourth entry for BlogFestivus


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