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Trifecta – Rusty

It was still all rather horrifying. From the moment she got the letter in the mail, summoning her to court, she had been walking around, rather shocked. And now, as she stared warily at the plaintiff’s table, she could see the girl who was suing her pull out a rusty, scrap-paged notebook. Her supposed evidence.

“In this notebook, you’ll see the evidence of what I’ve been saying,” she said, handing it over towards the judge. “The song was not an original work by the band on trial –” a glare in her direction — “but by me. When I was a little girl, I wrote all these lyrics myself –”

“Um –” said the judge, “I’m sorry, but this doesn’t appear to be lyrics. This appears to be a diary.”

“Yes, of course it is! If you will look carefully,” she said, pointing, “you’ll see the opening lyrics of the right at the top of the page.”

“Ah, yes…” said the judge.

After scanning the document more thoroughly, she handed it back, however. “This isn’t sufficient. In order to have a case against Mrs. Lee, you have to have composed the actual music and lyrics. Some similar sentiments when you were a child aren’t enough.”

“But it isn’t fair! She stole –”

“Silence!” said the judge, banging her gavel. “Settle down or I will find you in contempt!”

The girl sank back down.

Amy would almost have found it flattering if the situation hadn’t been so serious. The only thing she was guilty of was writing a song that people — including this girl — connected to. Very deeply, she added, at seeing the adamant look on her accuser’s face. She may not have written it, but her accuser certainly felt it, had probably lived, more than anyone else.

Amy made a move, and announced all this to the court. In the end, it was that speech that stuck at the end of the case. Her accuser simply didn’t have any evidence. Amy was cleared.

Maybe they could be friends.

Tale for Trifecta

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BlogFestivus #8 – Blitzen

Blitzen was going to show them all what a blitz he really was. He was going to have fun, and they’d all miss out.

But this heat…

He might have to travel down further south. Summer was too hot for a reindeer to have fun in for too long. But Blitzen was determined to outplay the other reindeer. Soon they would be begging to be his friend.

He caught a glimpse of a flashing hoof. No… he wasn’t going to let Donner watch over him again, as if he was still a foal, and an orphaned one at that.

All he wanted was to have fun. But mother figure Donner was going to ruin it all for him.

He ran off at a gallop, determined to lose his trail. But Donner was out of hiding now, chasing after him quickly. Donner was gaining ground just a bit, but all Blitzen had to do was outlast him in this heat, and he was home free.

Maybe he could visit the beach when he slipped past Donner. No doubt the humans would love him wherever he went here. He could go shopping, and they’d be all over him.

He could have a real adventure here, and Donner was ruining it.

Donner was edging up his side. They were taking up the entire sidewalk now, the humans simply gawking after them.

Blitzen veered onto the grass, relief for his aching hooves.

Donner caught him that moment.

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