Little wonder we stumble in life.

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This site is not dead

#1434. To be honest, I forgot about this blog for a while. I’ve just spent this past half-year at Uni, daily writing my series, and writing fan fiction at my other site (no, you can’t read it).

To be honest, I’ve been thinking of coming back here for ages, but I didn’t know what to write. Even if I don’t write fiction here, I can always try to write about my life. For example, I could catch you up on what I’ve done at Uni.

I just recently got my results back – two passes and two distinctions for my intro classes. In about a couple of weeks, I’ll be back at Uni, but not before Open Day hosts Quidditch, music, a chai tea tent, and free food. I’ll be going to that, by the way.

So okay, just so you know, I’m going to commit myself now to write at least one post about Uni a week in the new semester, and one flash fiction.

In case you were interested, last semester I studied: Communication and Thought (a very basic course that all students have to take), Communication Theory and Practise, Introduction to Creative Writing, and Japanese A.

My two distinctions were in Intro to CW and Japanese. Next year, I need to try harder, though. There’s a GO program that I need better grades than a pass to get into (I’d be going to Japan).


Trifecta – Reading Challenge

My boot was gone. Actually gone.

I clutched its mate to my chest like a baby, though of course it was futile. What is one boot without the other boot? It is nothing.

The prompt this weekend was a reading challenge, so I’ll be putting off the short series I’ve been writing until next week. The weekend’s prompt for Trifecta is taken from Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I finished it recently; it’s quite a good book.


Trifecta – Helping Hand

She couldn’t speak any Japanese, so it was a relief when they brought in an interpreter to help her interact with the doctors and her one loyal visitor, as well as fill out all the necessary forms.

“Who have you come to Japan with?” the doctor asked in Japanese, translated a moment later by the interpreter.

“No one.”

“What is your purpose here?”

“I was kidnapped.”

Silence broke in the air like a gunshot, reverberating around the air into the people around her. She could feel it herself, but she felt like an outsider watching the shock spread on their faces as if they’d just witnessed a murder.

She tried for a moment to explain, desperate to make them stop, hating them for continuing to stare and needing to know why. None of it made a difference.

Eventually, the silence settled upon them like the end of a ripple in the water, and the doctor spoke again. She’d been too shocked to listen, but then the interpreter repeated it a moment later.

“Do you have any friends and family you’d like to call?”

She didn’t know why, but she hadn’t expected this path, she hadn’t expected to be rescued even as she rode to the hospital in the man’s car. She expected to have to make her own way back.

Without hesitation, she cried, “Yes!”

The doctor jumped slightly. Then he told her that a phone would be brought in. He left, and several minutes later it arrived on a rolling table.

The interpreter busied himself by the window as she brought the phone closer.

She studied him for a moment, distracted. He had smooth, rosy cheeks and shiny black hair, parted to the side. His eyes were dark, almost black, and the edges of skin that framed them were the smoothest part of him, curved inward to those eyes.

He looked just like the man. She pushed the phone to the side.

“Later,” she said.

Prompt from Trifecta, and the third continuation from my image prompt.

Parts one and two.


Friday Fictioneers – Art

copyright-Claire Fuller

“Is this yours?” asked Christie as she came strolling through the trail.

The old woman smiled at her. “Why yes. It’s a sculpture of my two twins. They left home years ago.”

“Is it lonely, living out here by yourself? Living in the middle of the forest…”

“No, it’s not lonely. I mean, sometimes it is, but I get by.”

“Well, I admire you. I could never do this, living out in the middle of nowhere like this,” said Christie.

“Oh, it’s not so bad. Occasionally, hikers like yourself come through. I’m not lonely.”

Christie looked back on the trail. She still wasn’t sure…

My response for Friday Fictioneers.


Friday Fictioneers – New Year In Bangkok

Copyright - Lora Mitchell
“What an exotic New Year…” she whispered, gazing in awe at the sky.

“Perfect,” her husband said beside her. “Sitting on the dock of the bay… with you.”

She smiled, looking at him briefly. “You’re cute.”

“You’re perfect.”

She looked at him again, for longer this time. “It’s a perfect vacation. Thank you.” She leaned in, settling into his neck.

He stroked her hair, and she angled up to see the fireworks.

“Forget about them,” he said. “Just be with me.”

“I am with you. I’ve been with you for five years.”

“Still. Humour me.”

She smiled at him. “Sure.”

One of my rare Friday Fictioneers pieces. 🙂 For some reason, this picture looked like a foreign south-east Asian city, like Bangkok or Singapore. So I went with that.


Trifecta – Holidays

I’m not faithless; I believe in love and generosity. I don’t need to get drunk, but I’m not drunk on life, either.

I’m boring like that. But I’ve got spirit. I love holidays.

Prompt from the atheist point of view, for Trifecta



Forget Doomsday; let’s start over with Chinese New Year!

I was wondering recently… Why are the Mayans and their so-called doomsday prophecy so famous, and Chinese New Year is left on the back burner?

The truth is, the Mayan prophecy is just the end of an era for the Mayans. It doesn’t mean that we’re all going to die, just that now’s the chance to decide where to go from here, with all there is to worry about in this modern world.

If we’re speaking of foreign calendars, then the Chinese New Year can contrast with the Mayan calendar, and act as our redemption.

Let’s celebrate the spring of new beginnings with the start of Chinese New Year next February 10. It’s the Year of the Snake this year, which is my animal, so I guess it’s more significant for being my year as well.

This is my year to get active. Especially since I’ve already begun my new life on the Sunshine Coast, this will be my year of working, writing, surfing, and perhaps even blogging.

Start here and discover the truth. Mayan calendars were often misunderstood. Don’t waste your second chance not understanding the Chinese one.