Little wonder we stumble in life.

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BlogFestivus #5 – Comet

Comet was too fast for his own good. He was as fast as Dasher, but without the attitude. The one thing Dasher and Prancer had in common was their need to show off.

Comet had heard that Dasher had even mowed some kids down, that’s how headstrong he was. Comet much preferred the quiet rustle and chirp of the woods, where he could race off without worrying about getting in trouble with the humans, let alone Santa…

Comet was so fast, that he often left a trail of pixie dust behind him. Luckily, his body never ran out of the stuff. It was as if a pixie was living eternally on his back. If so, he’d be impressed by the pixie’s ability to hang on at such high speeds.

He loved the thrill of never knowing what might happen to him next. Leaves and branches whizzing by, Comet always preferred to run through the air than on the ground.

Although, Comet had to think that if Dasher was amongst humans, he’d have to. If people knew magic reindeer existed, soon enough they’d started tracking down Santa.

Comet wasn’t running aimlessly through the air. He was missing Cupid. Comet and Cupid were usually inseparable, but now Comet had lost her.

If Cupid could spot his trail of pixie dust, she’d be able to find him again. If not, then Comet at least hoped that his sharp senses really were picking up Cupid straight ahead.

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