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Original Characters

This is a page I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but I’ve never gotten around to.

Since 2007, I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo. It’s the series I’ve begun to create from each year (and one Camp NaNoWriMo) that has created the series below. Now I’m taking the entire year to finish each book at my own productive pace.

I have mentioned on another page that I’m doing WriYe (Writing Year) this year. Below is the series I’m writing for it, which for the moment I’ll call ‘Edge of Dawn series’.

1) Blind Hunger Into Dawn – An abused teenager, Dawn, finally runs away from home at fifteen, but she quickly learns that the world outside is even more dangerous when she is raped by vampires and her sister ends up dead. The next morning, she finds out one more fatal truth; she is a vampire. With her newfound powers, she is set on a mission for revenge.

2) The Vampire’s Obsession – Orion is left alone as the one object of Dawn’s warpath that she has become soft on. She has killed his brother, his only friends, and turned his ex-girlfriend who he’s still in love with against them. Now Dawn is hunting him down too. He’s gonna need to apply some drastic measures in order to survive…

3) In Reverse – Andrea is Dawn’s long lost sister. She has had a long, hard past. She grew up in a group home since birth, and then suffered from childhood depression for years… Until she met Seth and Dylan, a brother and sister who arrive at the orphanage when she’s eight. Their friendship got her through the hard time, and she is finally adopted, and raised into a professional chef. She ends up working in house… for Seth. But he’s changed. He’s become cold to the world… like she once was. But she still feels the same for him she once did. Can she save him too?

4) Unchained Melody – Melody’s mother has just died. Now she is forced to move in with her father and brother. But her father is abusive and drunk, and one night she runs away, unable to take it. Dylan saves her, offering to let her stay until she gets back on her feet. Melody is busy recovering and trying to find the life she once knew… But soon she finds out her she’s been lied to for years. And as she begins digging, her life begins to unravel…

5) New York, New Life – Melody has moved with her aunt to New York City, where she hopes to find a new life for herself, and get over the scars from her past. But when she learns that Seth is there, her dream becomes impossible. Meanwhile, back home Dylan and Andrea face danger as Dawn tries to settle old scores.


Below is a brief summary of each character.

(All ages listed are at the time you meet each character)


Age: 15
Gender: Female
Body build: Thin, pale, bruised and bony
Facial features: Round face, deep eyes, straight eyebrows
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Long, dark brown
Astrological sign: Scorpio

Brief Bio:

The main character of the first book, she’s probably the character I’m most obsessed with. Strong-willed and stubborn, she doesn’t take anything lying down. Even in her past, stuck in the same house for fifteen years, she still managed to stick up for herself — and especially her sister, not by birth — when she needed to.

She’s well used to taking punishment, until she finally succeeds in running away and finds herself facing an entirely new sort of beast.

Dawn has a clumsy soul. Let me count the ways.


Age: 15
Gender: Female
Body build: Average weight and height, a little curvy
Facial features: Light eyes, thin eyebrows, full, minimal lips
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Short, blonde hair
Astrological sign: Virgo

Brief Bio: Orion’s ex-girlfriend, she could not be more different than him. With short blonde hair, she spends her spare time with her nose hidden in a book. She doesn’t drink or smoke, but she isn’t popular either. She has a very strong sense of morals and is very compassionate. Yet she also can be hostile to those she deems to be below her.


Age: 15
Gender: Male
Body build: Thin/Average weight, not overly muscular
Facial features: thin, usually hidden under a grey hoodie
Eye color: Grey
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Black, stringy hair
Astrological sign: Aries

Brief Bio: The main character for the second book, he’s the brother of the main villian of both first books. He has spent his life following his brother, even to extremes. In the most recent few years, he’s begun to live for himself, learning to break free of his brother’s hold on him. But he can also be very violent.


Age: 18
Gender: Male
Body build: Thin, understated muscles
Facial features: Thick, grumpy eyebrows, full face, thin lips
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Black
Astrological sign: Leo

Brief Bio: A psychopathic vampire, he’s the main villian of both first books. Orion’s brother, he has been kidnapped from his mother by his father, and with his brother, gotten revenge. In the search for more power, he took advantage of a childhood girl who liked him; when she became a vampire, he persuaded her to turn him, before utterly rejecting her.


Age: 16
Gender: Female
Body build: Quite thin, small boobs, child-like
Facial features: Young, full, usually smiling
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Long, black hair
Astrological sign: Saggitarius

Brief Bio: Seth’s sister, she was only four when she lost her parents. She never grew old enough to be groomed properly without complaint, and this tendency against grooming blossomed into her teenage years. Heavily neglected during her adoption, Seth alone took care of her, and before that, Andrea came to be her best friend.

She is the only bisexual in the series, and she has a very confused love life.


Age: 16
Gender: Female
Body build: Thin, healthy, curvy assets
Facial features: subtle cheekbones, thin smile, honeyed eyes
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Long, light brown, straight
Astrological sign: Pisces

Brief Bio: The main character of the fourth book, she has an ideal childhood, except for one thing: her parents divorced before she was a teenager, and she was separated from her brother, who she loved. Disenchanted from her family after later events, she starts to realise that drama fills the cracks of her unseen family life, and she feels betrayed enough to lean on Dylan’s family.

However, there are problems there too. Dylan can sometimes be moody with her, her brother constantly gives her the cold shoulder, and she comes to learn later than Dylan is in love with her.


Age: 20
Gender: Male
Body build: Tall, thin, toned
Facial features: Vivid eyes, dark eyebrows, thin cheeks
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Dark brown, floppy short hair worn over the sides
Astrological sign: Virgo

Brief Bio: Grown up in an group home since he was eight, he’s always been a bright kid. Until then, he’s always been dressed and groomed like a nerd, and he’s always been one, but as he grows up, he learns to take that and reinvent himself into the type of person he always wanted to be; not only clever, but cool too.

Doubly taught by his adoptive father to be self-assured, yet diligent and always win, he becomes a brat heir. One thing that never changes, though, is his bond with his sister.


Age: 20
Gender: Female
Body build: Thin but strong, short,
Facial features: round cheeks and eyes, deep eyes
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin color: White
Hair color/style: Dark brown, long hair
Astrological sign: Cancer

Brief Bio: The main character of the third book. She grew up as an orphan from a very early age. Biologically, she’s Dawn’s younger sister, a fact that neither of them learns until later. She grew up lonely, jaded by the other kids and often too depressed to join in with the group. After meeting Seth and Dylan, hope starts to grow in her mind, and she becomes friendly. She becomes engaged, and her true feelings towards the people around her finally come out.

She learns to live an honest life, and she stands by this lifestyle for the rest of her childhood. Those feelings come around against the very same pair when she meets her old friends again, and she realises how different things have become.


Daniel – Believing himself to be Alex’s friend, they’ve been friends since the start of high school, together with Luke. Over time, the three drifted apart, yet Daniel remains loyal to both of them. Alex has taught him to be heartless, and he tries to drag Luke along with it. But Luke sees right through Alex, and the two never get along.

Luke – This boy may look and act similar to Brenda, but he is more interested in friends than books. He’ll do anything to get and keep friends, even if that means sacrificing his own beliefs and morals. He’s protective and faithful, similar to Daniel, but he’s also reasonable.

Briana – She’s Alex’s maker. She was attacked in the forest after a fight with Alex sent her running away. Like Alex, she likes to take charge, and she doesn’t like getting what she wants. She holds deep grudges, but unlike Alex, she’s mostly anti-social. One of the grudges she holds is against people as a whole, feeling wronged. The only thing she hates more than her rejection by Alex is everyone else, and she enjoys picking them off slowly.

Belinda – Dawn’s adoptive sister, she belongs in Brenda’s family along with Briana. She’s very reserved, yet independent. Another reader, she had very little in the house to read after her adoptive mother left her at six. Nurturing and empathetic, she loved her sister as much as Dawn loved her. Although she felt a compulsion that she needed to protect her sister, it was usually the other way around.

Jessica & Julia – Twin sisters, they’re the youngest daughters in Brenda’s family, and the only ones besides Brenda still living at home. Jessica is mischievous and Julia is highly social, but together they’re loud and drive Brenda nuts. But even when Brenda escapes across the street from them to read, they love their sister and are very perceptive. They are loyal to their family, but mostly to each other.

Nat – Very protective of his sister, he would sacrifice is own safety to make sure she’s comfortable. He’s very fun-loving, not too bright, and often enthusiastic. But he can also be judgemental if she makes decisions he doesn’t agree with, and would prefer to control her rather than give her independence.

Nick – Nat’s best friend, he’s musically minded but bitter about his parenthood. He doesn’t have respect for his mother, doesn’t like his father, and his pretty unforgiving about his opinion that they both abandoned him or don’t care about him. But, like Nat, he’s fun-loving and friendly, and tries to compensate for his childhood in his expression towards others.

Terry – Another friend of Nat’s, he’s very opinionated. He can be sarcastic and judgemental, but at heart he really does like his friends. He thinks very logically, and he goes after what he wants confidently. He’s supportive of his friends, but dislikes too much emotion.

Joan – Nick’s sister and Nat’s friend, she very loyal and self-aware. She’s tactfully alert to the welfare of those close to her, or those who she deems worthy, and dislikes anyone who go against her friends and close members of her family. She’s protective and strong, and she isn’t afraid to butt heads.

Coco – Nick and Joan’s mother, Melody’s aunt. She’s very motherly and nurturing to her family and to those she cares about, but finds it hard to treat herself the same way. She doesn’t think very highly of herself, and struggles under a male-dominated world. Sometimes she cheats and cuts corners if there’s something in it for herself or someone she cares about, but her hearts in the right place.

And if anyone is actually reading this page, and I’m not simply talking to myself, first of all thank you. Also, feel free to ask me anything about my characters. It doesn’t matter if it’s off the wall, either, I’ll probably answer it.

For more on my characters, I have character boards on Pinterest.

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